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  1. karen says:

    I’m finishing up a classic and your Austen book sounds like it should be on my to read list. I hope your gauge is fine and all is well. Get that chocolate out just in case.

  2. tess says:

    Oh, I’ve never read Northanger Abbey! I’ll have to put it on my (ever-growing) list. I always do gauge swatches reluctantly, but they seem to be worth it in the end… Good luck with it – and if nothing else, you’ll already have the hang of that lace pattern next time around, right? 🙂

  3. Hege says:

    I haven’t read Call the midwife books, but have seen the first season of the series – and I loved it!! You have to see it 🙂
    Grace is beautiful. I might have to knit it someday 😉

  4. yes! i’m certain you don’t need a behemoth of a sweater. so worth the time to swatch again!

  5. emma says:

    That yarn is a wonderful chocolaty color, Do you find it hard to knit so late? I’m terrible at dark colors in the evening. Love the stitch marker!

  6. AKKK! Hang in there… chocolate will definitely help!

  7. nook. says:

    it’s totally going to be worth your re-swatching.. i promise you xoxoxo but chocolate is a very very good thing too. xoxox… i think it’s time i picked up a good book again 😉 xo

  8. heathermama says:

    oh no! swatches! well, i hope you can get it right so you can enjoy the knitting. lol
    i agree with Erin: chocolate

  9. Svenna says:

    That reminds me I should really check the gauge on the cardigan I am knitting. The one I didn’t do a swatch for… ahem… I might need some chocolate too!
    I’m just watching the second season of Call the Midwife here, and I read one or two of the books last year. Makes me glad that I wasn’t around having babies in the fifties..!!

  10. oh no, start over? sorry! it’ll be worth it though, i’m sure!
    i saw the movie “call the midwife” is available on netflix, i wonder if it’s any good or if i should rather read the book.
    enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. lori says:

    i tend to make things too big, it’s not the gauge, i like roomy clothes (sometimes i overdo it though!) good luck, you’ll get it!
    i have been confused about the midwife, the different names and all the books. so it’s a triolgy? thank you!

  12. meghann says:

    Okay – first, I love the yarn, and the pattern. You really do love Jane Richmond, don’t you? 🙂

    Second – is that bowl Butterprint? I have some here I picked up at flea markets here and there, but I’ve never found the bowls. (I have my mother’s old bowls, but they’re not the prettiest pattern.) Such loveliness you have there… xo

  13. Jen says:

    Yay for starting your Grace sweater! I know it’s going to look great on you. 🙂

    NORTHANGER ABBEY! I loved that book when I listened to it. It’s number three in my list of favorite Austen novels. P & P (of course!) is number one with Persuasion following behind.

    Like Meghann, I noticed your Pyrex bowl, too. I ‘inherited’ my set of the vintage bowls from my husband, Matt’s, grandmother and would not part with them for the world. I use them all of the time.

  14. Melissa says:

    That dratted gauge will get you every time 😉 I do love the espresso yarn. Such a yummy color. I hope you don’t have to start over. I’m sure if you add the chocolate, everything will work out just fine.

  15. island jays says:

    What a beautiful colour of wool. Haven’t seen the pattern but I’m sure it will look great on you. Better to gauge now than later especially if it ends up being way too big. Mmm chocolate – tiny nibbles can’t be all that bad! How’s your finger?

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