6 Responses to “on needles: spring’s grace for snowy days”

  1. karen says:

    I hope the sweater works out and the panics are unfounded or easily fixed. I’ve been dvring the dr who episodes and have yet watched them except the first one with the new companion….I was hooked!

  2. lori says:

    rachel your sweater is going to be gorgeous! i’ve had some long streaches of ss stitch too lately and had to giggle about the cows. it can seem like forever! i just ordered the first midwife book, i loved the series, well, i only saw one episode, but looking forward to more (hoping to read first, then watch!).

  3. heathermama says:

    call the midwife is amazing and sad. so much heartache.
    that sweater is going to be AMAZING when you are finished.

  4. Kate says:

    I read Raising Cain years ago for a college class. It’s still sitting on my shelves, I should reread it (now that I have boys.)
    Your sweater will be amazing!

  5. Svenna says:

    I read some of the midwife books – quite unsettling at times!
    Hang in there, those tiny stitches will all be worth it in the end! x

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