12 Responses to “on needles: babies & midwives”

  1. karen says:

    I think you will be fine with the needles you are using. Fingers crossed!! I pack EVERYTHING when it comes to knitting, maybe too much when I travel but I dislike not being prepared so I overcompensate. Love your cakes of yarn in the photo 🙂

  2. It is really wonderful to read so often people enjoying Jennifer Worth’s books. I knew her personally but not as a midwife. She was my piano teacher as a child, it was a real surprise to my family when the book was published. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Heather says:

    Did you measure the gauge in each finished sweater? Is it off by a lot or just a smidge that ends up being a big difference once you have done a garment. Interesting! I watched the Call the Midwife series. Quite interesting. I do need to read the books. Just need to have them in at the library.

  4. lori says:

    oh dear on the different size vests, but i have found that sometimes even if it is the same yarn, the gauge may vary. i saw that grace is knit top down so you’ll be able to check your size as you go. i have been loving the midwife series, tho i wish i had the willpower you do to read the books first!

  5. Taryn Oakley says:

    I am so lazy about knitting swatches and never do, even though I know I should. I think if I were to knit something big for me, like a sweater, I would take the time though. Hmmmm…..

  6. Katie says:

    Are you glad you read the book? I really enjoyed her other books, but have heard mixed reviews on this one.

  7. I love the colours of those yarns, especially that gorgeous teal. I think I need to knit something in teal soon…

  8. Melissa says:

    I am so bad about not checking my gauge or doing swatches. I’ve been really lucky so far. I’m sure it will come back and bite me at some point 🙂

  9. angie says:

    wow, not sure what to say about the different sizes…sounds like something that would happen to me. The book looks very interesting, I just finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I wanted to read it before Molly, now I think she can wait a few years…a bit much for her at this age.

  10. oh Rachel I LOVED reading Call The Midwife (never watched it) it was my most favourite read last year, right after I had the Junebug. wish there were more books like this out there!

  11. Apseed says:

    Call the Midwife is my favorite Tv show. Just finished watching the season 2. I’m so in love with the characters that I’m thinking about to start reading the book:)

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