5 Responses to “on needles: intentions”

  1. steph says:

    So glad you took the plunge and got that in-between time table…..if we always waited for the ‘perfect’ whatever—would be ever get/do anything???? busy needles clicking in your world….(love that blue!!!!!!!)

  2. It’s been a long time since I stopped by, and I’m so glad I did… Happy belated Christmas!

  3. I wonder just HOW big that table must be that you got! My hubby and I are just the two of us and we have one that fits 8 comfortably. On the weekend we finally had a bunch of friends gather around it again after a long time, and we ended up being 9. I thoroughly enjoyed the noise and excitement around the table, it must be like that for you every day 🙂

  4. angie says:

    oh my, Molly would die over that yarn! I knit her a fun tardis hat for xmas this year, she wears it all the time.

  5. karen says:

    such a pretty blue I think it matches the blue I used on the last shawl I just finished. So cheerful. So glad you are back to your blog, we’ve missed you!

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