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  1. Sarah-Mae says:

    Hey Rachel,
    I’m curious if you’ve dried researching the “Paleo” lifestyle or baking? I subscribe to a paleo diet by choice (no grains, legumes, sugar, dairy or refined/chemical foods) and still enjoy baking and “baked goods” from time to time using almond meal or coconut flour as a base and either maple syrup or honey as a sweetner.

    These are one of my absolute favorite recipes, so moist and delicious for fall!

    I’m not sure if this is old news to you or not, but if you google “paleo” recipes then the internet is full of them and they all seem to work with your new dietary shifts.

    It does get easier! Promise!
    <3 Sarah-Mae

  2. Apseed says:

    Changing habits ( eating habits particularly) is always so hard and sometimes may seem that you can’t make it, but you can and you know it.
    I’m sure you will find what works best for you and your family and and maybe even some baking, who knows.

  3. meghann says:

    I started a long response to this post & then my computer crashed…
    Anyway – I was also going to suggest paleo recipes; I have some resources I’d be happy to share. We don’t follow a paleo diet but the recipes are great for a real/whole-food diet. 🙂
    You’re doing great. I’m glad you’re feeling better; it makes how hard it is more worthwhile, no? xo

  4. Tracey says:

    My dearest Rachel, you are loved too!
    If you can try and find some farro for the children to try, I bet
    they will love it. If you can’t find it up there, let me know and
    I’ll mail you some. Have you tried any coconut butter yet? It has
    become one of my favorites, I have a Tablespoon every morning along
    with my green juice and a scoop of http://www.shivayanaturals.com/2012/06/a-breakfast-boost.html.
    Heather has some wonderful recipes on her site.
    Did you know you can purchase pasta made from quinoa? Maybe your
    children would like quinoa served that way.
    Keep at it, smile, embrace the day and remember there is a woman down here who is missing popcorn too! 😉

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are strong! Food changes are hard, but hopefully wheat can still be in your future.
    When we found out Dean’s health problems a few years ago, he made some huge changes to his diet (a diet that wasn’t too bad to begin with). I think it has extended and inproved his life. Through those experiences we learned that food can heal or hurt – depending on how we use it.
    Trust your feelings and your instincts 🙂 Hugs to you and your littles from 4 hours north!

  6. Corrabelle says:

    I’m so glad that you’re starting to feel better and getting a pay off from all your hard work!
    My kids weren’t a huge fan of quinoa during those first few times either…but now they eat it all the time without complaints, and ask for that in place of rice for some meals.
    I’m crossing my fingers for you guys. Woot!

  7. steph says:

    I’ve been away from my blog friends for a while….had some catching up to do. So glad this change seems to be working…..all said, it sounds extremely healthy. Love your photography……especially all those curls several posts back!!! adorable!

  8. Pink Ronnie says:

    That is such a huge change, Rach! I really admire you for doing this and so encouraged that the rest of your family is sharing the journey with you. Even though it is going to be tough initially, you will surely reap the benefits in the long term… Thinking of you!
    Ronnie xo

  9. heidi says:

    I am a comfort eater and I know how hard diet changes can be. I have had to cut out many things I used to indulge in all the time, mostly sweets and sugar.I am trying to lose the weight I gained from my difficult pregnancy, not fun. A hungry mama is not a happy one.
    Good luck with your diet changes, it will get easier with time.

  10. Cory says:

    Seeing in this post you HAVE chicken stock in your fridge. Maybe I missed it before. There is something so wonderful about seeing all those Whole Foods in the fridge, right?!
    Congrats! YOu’re doing great!

  11. Jenn says:

    The photos you posted should be in a book – looks delicious, healthy and comforting (love the mug, BTW). I’ve had my share of having to give up foods over the years and it will get easier, I promise – just remember how much healthier you’re feeling (and the support from your beautiful family) – so lucky! 🙂

  12. returning says:

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