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  1. Corrabelle says:

    I love the way your hearts turned out! I have the same ones, they’re favorites around here. I think they were most recently used for pudding pops:)
    So funny, i’ve been melting beeswax here too! Not lotion bars, but just lotion. I usually make a batch about every 6 months, along with some soap and lip balm. (We really go through the lip balm!)
    I’ll bet your rosy version smells amazing!

  2. island jays says:

    They look good enough to eat! The house must smell lovely with all those lovely scents. Enjoy the soaps and enjoy the day! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  3. this looks like a very cute idea and i love the backdrop you used for the photographs! i’ve never tried lotion bars, but it looks like i’ll have to try it one day, as it doesn’t involve too many ingredients. my sister and i used to make glycerin soap years ago…

  4. meghann says:

    Do you want to hear something funny? I just checked that book out of the library again, too. 🙂

    I love those little lotion bars! I was thinking of adding lotion-making to my repertoire but it hadn’t occurred to me to make them *solid*… Brilliant idea… xo

  5. swanski says:

    I bet they smell heavenly! you amaze me at your creativity!!

  6. angie says:

    oh how sweet! I must try some and soon!

  7. Phyllis says:

    I have never made lotion bars before but they look good enough to eat! I can almost smell them here. I know what you mean about plans being interrupted with illness. We are all so sick here!

  8. Awesome. Thanks so much for this recipe and I really must do this with my ladies some Saturday afternoon.

  9. Tracey says:

    Those bars are just wonderful Rachel and now I want to make some too! I am just amazed at all the great ideas I learn from all you awesome women, thank you. I hope everyone is feeling better and you have had the best St.
    Valentine’s Day.

  10. Apseed says:

    The “recipes” look very interesting. I like that it does not require a large number of ingredients. Have to try it someday. Thank You for inspiration!

  11. this looks great, like those things you see in a store and can’t help it, you just neeeeed to touch them even if mommy told you a thousand times not to touch anything 😉

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