8 Responses to “cheater’s chocolate mousse”

  1. Kathryn says:

    Ohhh why am I not out there right now?!?!?

  2. Island Jays says:

    Lucky little girl who got to lick the spoon!! You make this look easy – nice that there’s extras for you to savour. Great job Dan!

  3. abe says:

    That’s it- I am taking the next train.Hope there is some left in that bowl!

  4. perches says:

    Wow, this looks delicious!!

  5. Emily says:

    *licking my lips*

  6. Matthew says:

    I can testify to its deliciousness!

  7. Tina says:

    wow that looks georgous!!! we have a restaurant here in turkey and i am so afraid of using raw eggs so i will try that and see how it turns out, thanks for sharing!!!!!

  8. […] he is a huge fan of custards and chocolate, he prefers his custard lemony and his chocolate moussed. He doesn’t get pudding. It doesn’t call to him from the fridge. It doesn’t […]

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