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  1. meghann says:

    You know…that all sounds so lovely. Difficult, but lovely. (And really, is there anything worth doing that isn’t at least a *little* difficult?)

    I may have to keep an eye on her blog & join in some future session… xoxo

  2. I appreciate your honesty, Rachel…

    I think sometimes we “kid ourselves’ into believing what we do and behaving the way we do, is justifiable for some reason. When we strip that all away what we are left with is …Honesty. and honesty is the first stepping stone to freedom…

    Keep it up..it’ll be worth it!

  3. Melissa says:

    Wow! I am so impressed. I am definitely signing up next go round. Just didn’t think the timing was right this time

  4. Apseed says:

    I’m orthodox and we have several fasts during the year. It may seem harsh and sometimes very difficult to follow the rules of fasting, but it helps me to become strong and confident person. After all, what we eat greatly affects our thoughts.
    Rachel, you’re doing a very great job!

  5. happenings says:

    […] finished the 10-day fast. I made it through, and learned things about myself, and will definitely bring fasting in more […]

  6. Jennifer says:

    With some exceptions (pregnancy, illness, etc), we fast at least once per month. Usually the first weekend in the month. Nothing quite like 10 days (amazing!), but we refrain from food and liquids for 24 hours to seek to be closer to the Spirit, and to focus on those in need. Thanks for sharing this experience 🙂

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