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  1. Ellen says:

    I’m sorry about your computer woes. Isn’t there WordPress help? I’m sure someone could test out something and tell you? Has anyone hacked into your blog? I’m sure it’s just a snafu. Glad that you enjoyed your family, but I understand your fatigue. Hope you have a catch-your-breath weekend!

    That natural/yellow knitting is beautiful yarn. What is it?

  2. swanski says:

    Blogging issues are stressful I hope you can figure it out. Good luck!!

  3. Heather says:

    I wondered when I received older posts in my reader. I figured there must be a glitch. Take your time, Rachel. Take care of you and what matters most. Your friends will be here.

  4. Melissa says:

    I was wondering what was going on. I’d see that you posted something…come over to read it…and nothing. I’m sorry you’re having these problems. hope it gets taken care of soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Svenna says:

    It sure sounds like a busy week! I hope you’ll get the technicalities sorted out and can enjoy a peaceful weekend with your family, and take a little breather.
    Is that another owlie sleepsack on the needles??

  6. angie says:

    wondered what was going on. Sorry that you are feeling a bit overwhelmed…I can relate sweet friend, interestingly enough I am in the same boat these days. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could get together over a cup of tea, or better yet wine! Thinking of you tons.

  7. Dear Rachel…I love seeing your sweet littles (there’s so many of them)! I hope all is well with you, it’s been far too long since I last peeked in. I also am so full right now with a moment squeezed in here and there to say hello to some friends. And I also appreciate all the lovely mamas I’ve met ~ I hold them close to my heart, despite being a horrible pen pal:) Hugs to you!
    xo Jules

  8. cpcable says:

    A very busy week, indeed! Take a breath, take your time, and I hope that everything falls into place. Wishing you much peace.

  9. Rosina says:

    You have been one busy mama and how lovely to get to spend time with family 🙂 Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your blog. That can be very frustrating. I wish I could help you out but wordpress is all Greek to me *grin*. Enjoy the break from it and I know we’ll all be here when you return. (( hugs))

  10. Apseed says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your problems with blogging, but this may be for the better sometimes. Just enjoy your time like if it were unscheduled vacation.

  11. I hope your blogging issues are sorted out soon. Love your photos of family all together. Jacinta x

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