14 Responses to “back into rhythm”

  1. Julia says:

    I am so jealous of your peas! (I’ve never been able to sucessfully grow them)

    Blessings to you…have a wonderful day!

  2. abe says:

    Broccoli can be funny.Mine looked like that then quickly went to seed.I think my soil was nutrient deficient though.I love the garden you planted!

  3. Sachi says:

    Welcome home Rachel! I can’t believe that your kids will eat cabbage as a snack. I am totally impressed and want in on your secret!

    • Rachel says:

      Haha, the secret is to make coleslaw- have them hate it – offer them the plain leaves instead. I don’t get it. 😉

  4. angie says:

    Rachel everything looks amazing! snap that broc off soon and gobble it up! it should keep producing more little shoots after you harvest the main head. Our kids love them, they never make it inside.

  5. karen says:

    your gardens looking great!

  6. Apseed says:

    Your garden looks amazing! It’s the first year of “gardening” (in my balcony) for me and I am just trying to grow some greens and cherry tomatoes. But after looking your blog, I decided that next year I have to try growing sweet peas.

  7. swanski says:

    I did not plant lettuce this year but I was lucky enough that a friend of ours shared, it was delicious. I think I would have a difficult time letting the peas grow as well. Your daughter has excellent taste.

  8. Lydia says:

    Your garden looks wonderful!

  9. Cory says:

    beautiful!!!!! you must not be getting 90 degree days. my garden would never look so fresh, tender and lush this time of year!

  10. i wish my kids would eat cabbage! only the frog prince will eat it and only then as coleslaw 😉 your garden looks great – mine’s beginning to look like the hot weather and constant sunshine is getting the best of it 🙁

  11. Ellen says:

    Your garden looks wonderful & healthy, Rachel! Yeah! You’ve got a good husband to clear away all the overgrowth in the yard. We did most of our yard about month ago. It was so overgrown it was depressing. Glad that you’re back in a home rhythm of sorts.

    Broccoli? Looks pretty big to pick. My dad says to tie the leaves over the head so that the big green worms don’t attack it, but yours looks pretty safe. I’m already dreaming and talking (a lot) about next year’s garden and how we want to move our present spot into another spot that gets more sun. Make the present spot into a blueberry/strawberry area or long-term stuff like asparagus and flowers. Dreams…

  12. Rachel, what a beautiful garden you have! I love purple cabbage too. 🙂

  13. Svenna says:

    The garden looks amazing, so exciting to be able to eat your own veg soon.
    I’ve had a go this year, but not very successful at all. My husband’s the gardener, really, and he’s worked in big vegetable gardens over the past years, but now it fell on me… not a good idea. Maybe next year! 🙂

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