5 Responses to “::reality check::”

  1. Janine says:

    hehe…..I see this post just after I picked up about 20 little socks off the floor and had to hunt down a new pair for Abi three times today!

  2. MJ says:

    I love love love that quote!! Had many reality checks this weekend. I should have posted this, but the pic on my post today of my daughter on the turtle shell? That was a meltdown in process from not being to buy something at the gift shop. The silver lining to that moment? Her saying “sorry mommy, I was just soooo tempted.” :).

  3. What a great quote! So true about if we just looked at things a little differently, everything would always be rosier 🙂

  4. Ellen says:

    What a lovely lovely quote. I’ll have to search out the author.

  5. Letitia says:

    I needed to be reminded of that 🙂

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